copy trading

Your own Copy Trading solution

Our solution enables more customers to success in trading. 

Our multi device supporting platform offers a unique solution for traders without specific knowledge in trading.

Choose any level of platform from manual to fully automated. 


Enhanced Portfolio system

Not limited to a certain trader, manage and construct a portfolio of your own or choose from available ones. 

Copy trades from many successful traders or bundle together any tradable products. 

Reduce risk and increase the opportunities for portfolio growth from diversification. 

quick setup

Streamlines setup process of our product through an API will provide quick integration and setup time.  Start providing copy trading services to your clients within 10-14 days.

full service

Complete hosting, maintenance and real-time monitoring of platform operation.

easy start

Your client don't have to be an expert in trading.

All they need is to select a strategy(or strategies) and copy trades.

Alternatively, clients can establish portfolios of their own or choose from the ones available.

Detailed information and analysis of portfolio is provided. 

The platform for copy trading is user-friendly and easy to use.

fund management

Client don’t have to transfer their funds to management account. There is no need to worry about the safety of their funds as all the investment funds are segregated.

The money remains in client's account.


The multiplier allows investors to adjust their profit potential at any time. However,  it will increase the risk at the same time. 


How it works


select a strategy(or strategies) from the listing.

start copy trades.

Investors can make the same % of profit as

the experience trader, but without professional

knowledge or trading skills.