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hyper web design

Whole new style of the forex broker web page design.

suit for all device including mobile and Tablet.

Customized logo, Menu for all customer needs. Special API for Realtime pricing data feed.


HYPER SYSTEM delivers customized, and tailored website for

FX/CFDs and derivatives brokers. Complete array of website

components will help you to establish an unique website for business

to stand out and success in the brokerage business industry.

In forex brokerage industry, front website and CRM/Trader's Room

are most important for making good first impression to visitors.

We offer delicate tools and solution for website development. 


Leave it to us, grow your brokerage business and spend more time about your clients and marketing.



supported function


Branding & Logo Design


Contents Writing


Multi-lingual Website


Trader Cabinet


Turn visitors into clients

With our unique webdesign and broker tools provided, get attractions from more visitors.

With optimized conversion tactics, turn visitors into leads, then into actual clients.


Forex Logo Design and Branding

  • A logo with identity.

  • A logo with a strong first impression that is memorable.

  • A logo that grabs attentions from dedicated market place. 

  • A logo with distinctive, and competitive design. 

  • A logo that invites and welcomes clients. 

  • A logo that facilitates brand loyalty

The logo of the company is not just an simple image, but it is a point of recognition for clients and branding of your company. 

The logo grabs attention and a well-designed logo makes a strong first impression. 

As the logo is the foundation of your company and brand, we will help you to establish the best image for your company. 

We design


Content Management Systems

Modern websites are in the midst of competing and co-existing in the content war.

The Content Management System(CMS) is a tool that helps users create, manage, modify and publish contents on their websites.

The CMS is widely used, a 'must tool' in every industries. 

Contents creation tool     Easy editor

 Contents and work flow manager     Storage      Contents Publisher


Our CMS provides

Our CMS provide on-page optimization feature. Easy title tags, urls, tags on images and various features for SEO will improve your exposure in search engines such as Google and Baidu.  If you already have a CRM or similar programs, it would not be easy to find CMS that integrates with your program.  Our team of experts will provide integration between our CMS and your existing programs. 



Metatrader API

MetaTrader provides and we can integrate 

The MetaTrader's wide range of features and functionalities can be widely extended and used in many ways through API integration. 

We can help you to build new features and functions and integrate important features on to your website and other platforms. 

Server API     Manager API     Report API      WebServices API      DataFeed API

Integrate into other systems and applications, and enjoy full functions and benefits of the MetaTrader.

1. Integrate the API for live market quotes and data feed.

2. Integrate into your CRM system and manage various features of your trading platform from the CRM. 

3. Create custom reports on financial operations and the trader accounts.

4. Create new accounts.


Forex Data

It is not easy to find relevant Forex data feed on Internet nowadays.

Even if you manage to find one, there is no guarantees in the quality of the services provided. 

We will recommend different options on how to integrate forex currency rates, news, calendars into your website.

There are many financial data providers and we will help you integrate solution that works for you.


Landing Page

Not just limited to websites, we also provide landing pages that can help you by converting traffics and leads into more business. 

We provide a "standalone" page dedicated for marketing and campaign advertising purposes. 

Landing Page will help you to improve your chance to get your visitor's attention and eventually lead to sales.

We provide 

Click Through Landing Page       Email List Opt-In Landing Page       

Content Guide Landing Page      Lead Capture Landing Page       Microsite Landing Page


Drafting and documentation



The regulation for brokers varies between each jurisdictions and there is a growing need for brokers to meet the legal requirements.

Staying on top of the latest laws and regulations with correctly worded legal documents are must in the industry. 

We provide the professional expertise that you will need for a variety of legal documentation and drafting preparation.

Leave it to the team of experts.  We will make sure your legal documents are accurate and up to date.  Get all the legal documentations tailored to your website and business.  Avoid yourself from breaching of any law and safely protect your business from any lawsuit.